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About me and my portfolio

About CK:

I'm a immigrant computer software engineering m. field of study I was in college and has a decade of experience working with a variety of screenplays and the computer, Internet, operating system, and … I can be here and my personal website with computer knowledge as that of 1391 decided to share part of my experience in the computer and I have learned things that I have no one to help computer culture site for English speakers.. If you like to know more about my person, my perfect rzmoneh on the computer with full specifications in section Here There is an existing.

تا اینجا تنها چند سطری حرف روی کاغذ بود در مورد خودم بود ولی در مورد این سایت با نام دانش کامپیوتری اگر بخواهیم بگوییم یک سایت ساده و دارای مطالب با ارزش و غیرتکراری می باشد که اگر بار اولی هست که از این سایت دیدن می کنید شاید متن بالا را یک گزافه گویی و امثال آن تصور کنید ولی با کمی وقت گذاشتن و گشتن در سایت خواهید دید که این سایت مانند سایر سایت های ایرانی و فارسی زبان نیست و هیچ مطلب تکراری و کپی در آن وجود ندارد و در صورت وجود هم به the possibility of 99/99% of this location is copied. From the very first promotional here without any free for all is that even considered all of the applications that you see below are absolutely free and without limitation for all offered and my goal of this site and the contents of the computer culture and increase knowledge of Persian-speakers of Iran's سرزمینم and so far in this way an effective steps I've taken alone that I can satisfy the! Of course a lot of problems in this way back srgozashtem that none of the updates here I did not ban! Problems such as the vilification of a two-person turns out in the comments for a while with no reaction on my behalf were not faced and carefree, and hacker attack that it block the site was to round off the! But on the whole I hope being in this site have a good feel and our address as a Bookmark in your browser and keep.

* From the winter of 2013 to meet part of the cost of advertising on the site was laid out financial.
* From the spring up of some foot ads 1394 c site were removed.



Below is a small and useful software, you can build my own view based on setting the date of the initial version of the presentation, and the latest in high-:


General conditions of use of the software build I:

According to the reach number is made by me and the software offered on this site more than 20 PCs and my activities during this two years in computer science departments didn't build on the free software user myself I have been wanting to use this software, the following conditions must be before you download and use acceptable.:

– All of the applications that I designed and I share here is completely free and copy and publish it on هرمکانی is absolutely free..
– No code and part in none of them have been written for a non-target is said and all the software is completely clean designed.
– To run all the applications you have .NET version 2 to 4.5 is essential (The exact version of the net specified in each offer, and no it does not have performance software).
– Book software is as much, i.e. I wanted and provide the necessary software I knew, if there is something other than what you want to injant you can't make it in the next version of my presentation and if possible I will work on it.
– Ideas and comments you make progress software and help each other will know this software for me is always my intention to put free!
– If the copy of the software on the site, and blogs don't put another download link for the exact information about the number of downloads we have. (For all direct and indirect links software is placed pikofail and direct link to your site for uploading on the server is not down any time).
– The initial versions of the software usually has many bugs, but applications that I designed the first version of ۰٫۸ I can be built and tested by myself after a long time Edition 1.0 has created and put on this site so if you download the basic version to not worry about this case.
– All of our software is completely portable and requires no installation and have been only them from inside the compressed file with a double click of the mouse, or you can run the files in the zip file somewhere outside of the drop-out, and then run it.

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Cheap advertising in computer knowledge - The size of the 468 In 60