Update KB 2919355 Was provided for Windows ۸٫۱ + Download links [News & download]

یک هفته قبل از ارائه این به‌روزرسانی مهم از طرف ماکروسافت که از طریق سایت خبری ماکروسافت اعلام شد، موارد مهمی برای این به روزرسانی اعلام شد که لازم هست همه دارندگان ویندوز ۸٫۱ ویندوز خود را به روز نمایند. On the other hand, according to previous experience and testing in a multi-system updates through the routine …

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Google for the Google service Plus the ability to add the Google URL

From the beginning of Google's service work plus all its members with a number that was a long figure (HL / ID) At the specified address, and the ability to assign a specific address to each profile, such as Facebook and Twitter service.. From a few days ago Google service plus members can, with regard to the items mentioned in the read more …

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Google and computer knowledge of unpleasant fellows!

Hi habitual knowledge of computer lovers! There's a few ساعنی that Google is very unsafe for browsing here is! A few other sites that, for instance, …! To stay! The reason it is here. (Click here to view) To get rid of this problem all too suspicious and disable plug-ins and check request …

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HTC Galaxy S4 House to fire drew [News]

آقای Du می گوید با گوشی گلکسی اس ۴ خود بازی می کرده و موقعی که باتری رو به اتمام بوده به شارژر متصل کرده و همزمان به بازی کردن ادامه داده و گوشی بیش از حد داغ شده پس از کمی از بازی دست برداشته ولی همچنان گوشی داغ than before and he paid no attention to it …

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The company unveiled its powerful USB Flash Kingston

This USB flash drive with the volume of a Tera Byte (۱ TB) Read speed of 240 megabytes per second and write speeds, you can experience 160. Other features of this USB flash drive can be used to support the DataTraveler HyperX ® Predator ® technology 3.0 و USB 3.0 Cited. More information on the manufacturer's site to view the link here» …

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Attack of the spammers to Computer Knowledge!

Some days ago we receive some attacks from spammers so we block there IP's and comment contents to spam section. if you fill you are blocked by mistake tell me in comments of this post. thanks. If you have the wrong IP grips on the same IP entry views …

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