Making a Progress Bar for c # (#C) [Teaching programming]

As programmers are informed to display the amount of c # enhancements or Progress in the language of the Progress Bar used to have its own two types of Marquee Continues and it exists and is a specific type, but in this simple project will provide you with a User Control to display the Progress Bar in the other two forms …

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The c # language project two Paint [Source Code]

These two projects in c # and have been written in the form of the new object in which is included the following capabilities : Draw various shapes such as circles, squares, and draw a line and dots – Delete a form – Save as JPEG and JPG format – Change the size of the painting form – Grouping the shape drawn …

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Play Shooting Up to C # object-oriented view (With source code)

In this game of topics such as inheritance, object-oriented, multi-rikhti use and a simple game has the following characteristics.. – With 5 stages and 60 seconds – Tuesday convicted birds including crows, UFO and plane is said that the concessions they – Switching and control by means of the button …

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Get books for free Microsoft Corporation

چند روز پیش یکی از اعضای ماکروسافت با مجوز رسمی تعدادی کتاب در بلاگ msdn این شرکت به رایگان برای دانلود گذاشته که شامل این موضوع ها می شود : SharePoint, Visual Studio, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Office 365, Office 2010, SQL Server 2012, Azure if you want to download it to continuation of this Notice. …

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Training Tip # C programming language – For beginners

The e-book in English and simplified and expressed in plain language, useful for beginners to shoot video at 31 following trains: – How in C # to interact with SQL?– How in C # to a text (Text) In a text file (txt.*) Remember that?– How do I in c # from a file …

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Difference between SQL Server and MySQL

Useful material about the differences of the two DBMS found that in English is more for you've put. This article is to share with your friends. (To save in PDF format click on the Print button in the end)

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