Cheap advertising in computer knowledge - The size of the 468 In 60

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Computer knowledge to continue your activity now needs your support!

According to all the free tutorials and software making it work on the computer system in the knowledge on this user after the procedure if you wish to pay for a small part of the cost of the service for spent, such as knowledge and time programmer and Web Designer, domain and server costs and … In the event of possible pay.. Obviously, if you do not receive the necessary support and lack of cost to continue this Pack and other free software Web site production and will continue to update.

Roche first) Financial help

To do this you can use whatever you like to send to us and if they wish you were with Contact We bring to account number and the amount of necessary coordination and the remittance date and to insert in the list of sponsors, according to your comment, insert..

The list of sponsors of computer knowledge :

<This list is non-existent!>

The second method) Support click and view ads site

If you like we can غیرمالی the support on the side and the top of the advertising site نمیایید and if you view the site with mobile phones or tablets in the open window click the OK button to view the ad click should also. Also below is also compiled a number of advertising:

Link to click on ads

The accuracy of each IP in 24 hours in a series of similar advertising ad clicks..

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Cheap advertising in computer knowledge - The size of the 468 In 60